2020 Timetable

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Main RoomUpstairsBack Studio
Main RoomUpstairsBack Studio
3:40pmChloe D Private
4:15pmLevel 8 TapLevel 9 Tap Elementary Ballet 4:00pm to 5:00pm
5:00pm14/Under TroupeOpen Ballet 5:00pm to 5:45pmLevel 11 Tap 5:00pm to 5:45pm
6:00pmOpen Age TroupePre Elementary Ballet
7:00pmPre Senior JazzOpen Tap Level 10 Tap
7:45pmSenior JazzPre Senior Stretch & Technique
8:30pmSenior LyricalPre Senior Lyrical
3:40pmChiara Private
4:00pmBeginners BalletPre Primary Ballet
4:40pmIntermediate Gymnastics 1Level 2 TapLevel 1 Tap
5:20pmBeginners JazzIntermediate Stretch & Technique 1
6:00pmBeginners GymnasticsGrade 2 BalletGrade 3 Ballet
6:40pmIntermediate jazz 1
7:25pmLevel 5A TapLevel 5 Tap
8:05pmJenna & Melissa Private
9:30amTiny Stars Ballet
10:00amTiny Stars Combo
4:00pmGrade 1 BalletPrimary Ballet
4:40pmLevel 3 TapLevel 4 Tap
5:20pmJunior Jazz Elementary Ballet
6:00pmSenior GymnasticsJunior Stretch & Technique
6:45pmSenior Stretch & TechniquePre Elementary BalletJunior Gymnastics
7:30pm16/Under Troupe
8:30pmSenior Hip Hop
9:15pmGeorgia Private
10:00amTiny Stars Ballet
10:30amTiny Stars Combo
4:00pmIntermediate Stretch & Technique 3
4:40pmGrade 4 BalletGrade 5 BalletMaddie R & Olivia Private 4:40pm to 5:20pm
5:25pmIntermediate Jazz 3Level 8 TapLevel 9 Tap
6:10pmIntermediate GymnasticsJunior Lyrical (Grade 2 & 3 Ballet)Ruby & Kloe Private 6:10pm to 7:10pm
6:50pmLevel 6 TapLevel 7 Tap
7:35pm12/Under Troupe
8:35pmMichella Private
3:45pmElla Private
4:15pmBoys Hip Hop 1 (6 to 9 years) 4:15pm to 4:45pm
4:30pmPre Junior Hip Hop (7-9Yrs)Boys Hip Hop 2 (10 yrs +) 4:45pm to 5:15pmSnr Musical Theatre
5:15pm8/Under TroupePre Senior Hip Hop 12 yrs +Junior Musical Theatre
6:00pm10/Under TroupePre Junr Lyrical 6:00pm - 6:45pm (Prim - G2 Ballet)Intermediate Musical Theatre
7:00pmJunior Hip Hop (10-11 yrs)Mikayla & Mary PrivatePre Junior Musical Theatre
7:45pm Sophie, Oriana, Sienna & Talia Private
8:30pmVictoria Private
8:20amWillow Private
8:40amNikolina Private
9:00amTiny Stars BalletJunior Stretch & Technique 2Level 1 & 2 Tap
9:30amTiny Stars Combo - 9:30am to 10:00amBeginners Jazz 2 - 9:45amLevel 3 & 4 Tap - 9:45am
10:30amJunior Jazz 2Pre Primary BalletBeginners Ballet
11:15amIntermediate Jazz 2Primary BalletGrade 1 Ballet
12:00pmIntermediate Jazz 4 & Pre Senior Jazz 2Level 5 TapLevel 5A Tap
12:45pmJun/Int Lyrical (G2 - G5 Ballet)Ivana & Jovana Private
1:30pmGrade 2 BalletGrade 3 BalletIntermediate Stretch & Technique 4
2:15pmGrade 4 BalletLevel 7 TapIntermediate Stretch & Technique 2
3:00pmGrade 5 BalletLevel 6 Tap

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